Thursday, October 1, 2009

I know its been a while...

But good things come to those who wait... I'm not sure if these are good things, but since I've made you wait, I will now visually assault you with photographs.

Android's new toy. He always did say he was going to die on the LA freeway.

It looks like a monster. A big sexy monster. You're looking at enough sound making potential to crush your heart... or at least destroy your hearing.

Lauren Whisnant took this picture, so I stole the idea, but in blue. Thanks Lauren.

My new lens makes everything look perfect.

We made a rule. Put the liquor back in the cabinet when you're done so as not to make our house look so damn sketchy. Problem is, drunk asses rarely remember rules, so Matt would role in at 5am, mop up the drunks, pour them into bed and then place liquor in the cabnet. Then the alchies would promptly forget that they had liquor left. If it wasn't out on the counter, then it must be gone. And they bought more... and more... and more... Leftover night was wonderful.

Not taken at 305, but I love this picture.